Leavers 2021 - 2022

Our Year 6 pupils had a very successful year.  The children performed exceptionally well in their SATs tests and despite being a non-selective school, both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 results were significantly above the national average, with a significant number of children gaining greater depth in each subject area.   


KS2 SATs results 2022

English Reading                             89% (74% Nationally) achieved the standard, 33% at Higher Standard

Writing                                             89% (69% Nationally) achieved the standard, 17% at Higher Standard

G,P & S                                              94% (72% Nationally) achieved the standard, 50% at Higher Standard

Maths                                                94% (79% Nationally) achieved the standard, 33% at Higher Standard

Reading, Writing and Maths   83% (59% Nationally) achieved the standard in all 3 areas.


Destination of July 2022 leavers

Whilst many of our pupils follow the 11+ route, others have gained places at a range of independent and state schools; schools which allow our pupils to thrive and continue to reach their potential. Destination schools for 2022: Tonbridge School, Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls, Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School, Mayfield, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys, Skinners Grammar School for Boys, Bennett Memorial School, Rose Hill, and Bethany. 


KS1 SATs results 2022

Reading           95% at the Expected Level, of which 50% achieved Greater Depth

Writing             85% at the Expected Level of which 25% were at Greater Depth

Maths              100% at the Expected Level of which 38% achieved Greater Depth


Leavers 2020-2021

Despite the turbulence of the last year, staff and pupils have shown resilience in their teaching and learning, maintaining the academic standards and highly successful outcomes for all pupils that we are accustomed to. The cancellation of SATs again this year has meant we have been able to focus more in Year 6 on preparation for the transition to secondary school. As well as teacher assessments, there has been plenty of time and opportunity to enjoy all the end of primary celebrations which the children look forward to: leading the musical; the outdoor activities weekend and simply experiencing being back in school together under more normal circumstances as the restrictions are gradually eased.


Destination of July 2021 leavers

Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils who surpassed our expectations with their success in public exams and who were, on the whole, rewarded with places at their first choice of secondary school. Destination schools for 2021: Bennett Memorial School, Cranbrook School, The Judd School, The Skinners’ School, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys,  Tonbridge Grammar School, Weald of Kent Grammar School

Independent Sector (including Scholarships for Academic and Sport; Fast track for Sport)

Battle Abbey, Bethany School, Kent College, Mayfield Girls, Rosehill School 


Leavers 2019-2020

Our current Year 6 pupils have had tremendous success this year. We have had a 100% success rate for all our candidates who sat the 11+, which was lovely for the children to celebrate together.

Destination of July 2020 leavers:
Battle Abbey, Beacon Academy, Bennett Memorial, Bethany, Mayfield Girls School, The Skinner School, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys and The Weald of Kent Grammar School for Girls. 

Pupils have also won numerous scholarships for entry into other independent schools. Ranging from; Creative Arts, Art, Drama, All Rounder, Sport and Academic Scholarships.





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